Hello everyone!

Thanks for visiting my newly open website. I am so thrilled that I can share my creative journey here. In addition to my brief introduction on the About page, I thought it makes sense to talk a little bit more about the history behind my paintings.


My love for arts and crafts started from when I was very young.  I started using my mother’s sewing machine when I was six. I would make doll clothes, bags and other knick knacks. When I was in elementary school, I used to make packs of Christmas cards to send out to friends. I enjoyed the whole process of designing, making, packaging and distributing the cards. I decided that fabric is the medium I wanted to create with and chose to major in Clothing & Textiles at college. Meanwhile, I kept enjoying painting, and took art classes on and off. I have always stayed close to arts and crafts. Yet I had to come around a long way to realize that this is what I want to do for my life.


In 2014 came my second child to the world. As much as I enjoyed being able to care for him all day every day, I was getting stressed and often frustrated with parenting. I was in desperate need of an outlet to release my frustrations. However, I foolishly thought that it was time to focus solely on my little ones and I had to postpone all my personal pursuits for later. One day, I heard that one of my friends was taking classes for baking and planned to make a business out of it. I was surprised as she also had two kids the same age as mine. It was that very moment I realized there is no such thing as a right time. If somebody else can do it, I can make time to do it too!

I will start whatever I wish to
R I G H T  N O W.

So that is when I picked up my brush and started painting. I found myself happier and more fulfilled when I painted. I grabbed every minute I could spare to paint – when my child was taking a nap during the day, when everybody fell asleep at night, or at any other chance I could get. My walls started to fill up slowly with beautiful colors and shapes. Just looking at them made me smile, and sometimes transported my mind to somewhere more peaceful. Of course there were times when my paintings didn’t turn out as I wished, and I felt lost at how to express things on paper. But I picked up the brush again and again, and kept on painting. A few years later, here I am continuing to paint and fill my surroundings with joyful colors.

I hope, through my paintings and creations, you can share my yearning for joy and peace.

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  1. 엄마로서 너의 그림 인생스토리을 읽고 보니 나도 감명이새롭다. 자기가 좋아하는 것을 해야 삶이 행복하고 충간된다는 것을 새삼 깨닫게하네. 하고 싶은거 열심히해서 꿈을 이루거라.! 뒤에서 후원할께 ,그리고 엄만 믿는다. 내딸이 잘 하리라는걸!!!!

    1. 엄마~ 고마워요. 너무 고마워요! 엄마가 믿어주시는 마음이 큰 힘이 되요. 사랑해요! 💕

  2. My dear daughter Jean,

    I am very glad to hear that you have such a strong passion for painting. I am also more than happy to hear that you are happy with painting that you like to do.

    All your paintings are beautiful and fantastic! The degree of beauty and fantasy is getting better and better as time goes on. Thus, I am very proud of you.

    I fimly believe you will be a great artist with warm heart and unique creativity. I am looking forward to see next wonderful pieces every day.

    Good luck on your atristic and business journey forever~ Ajaaja!!!


  3. 진아야. 너무 멋지다. 뭘 하든 성실히,열심히,야무지게 잘 할 사람이라는거 알고 있었어. 행복한 화가가 되길 바래~

    1. 소민 언니~
      와 홈피에 글까지 남겨주고 넘넘 고마워요! 언니 응원 고마워요! 언니는 요새 어찌 지내시나요? 육아하느라 정신 없죠? 언니랑 언니네 가족 모두 건강하세요!

  4. 2016년 4월의 어느 날, 진아의 핸드폰 속에 수줍게 숨겨져 있던 보석같은 그림들을 볼 수 있었지. 진아가 그림을 얼마나 좋아하는지 단번에 알 수 있었어. 그 날 몇번이고 “사람들이 좋아할까요?” 묻는 네게 나는 분명히 좋아할 거라 대답했었지.

    사람들이 그림을 사는 이유는 겉보기엔 그 그림이 훌륭해서일지 모르지만 진실은 그 그림에 담긴 사람의 마음과 열정, 그리는 동안의 행복하고 기쁘고 즐거운 시간들을 사는 거라고 하더라. 나는 그 말을 믿어. 그리고 진아의 그림들 속엔 분명 그런 마음들이 가득하지. 😌 진아의 소개글 속에서도 블로그 글에서도 다 읽히는 진아 마음. 👍

    지금까지 그려온 것 처럼 앞으로도 진아의 그런 마음들과 시간들이 그림속에 담겨지겠지.
    앞으로가 더욱더 기대되는 진아의 새로운 시작을 축하해. 💐 글을 적는 내내 내가 다 감동의 쓰나미에 휩쓸리네. 웹사이트 정말 예쁘다~!!! 💕💕💕

    1. 사랑하는 리사 언니~

      정성이 가득한 응원 글 너무너무 감사해요. 지난 1주일 여러 가지 일로 조금 의기소침해 있었는데, 언니 글을 읽으니 힘이 나는 것 같아요.

      제가 그림을 그리는 이유가 그리는 동안에도 즐겁지만, 다 그린 그림을 보면 (특히 밝은 색 그림들) 마음이 밝아져서에요. 다른 사람들에게도 그랬으면 좋겠다고 늘 생각하는데, 그런 마음이 느껴진다니 아주 보람차요!!!! 제 보잘것 없는 그림 여정을 함께 지켜봐주고 그 누구보다도 잘 이해해주는 언니가 있어서 전 너무 행복하네요.

      오늘 하루도 언니에게 즐겁고 행복한 하루가 되길 바래요!

  5. 데레사야,

    수고 많이 하였네!
    그리고 참 잘 만들었네!!
    도움이 많이 될 것 같아 ㅎㅎ


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