A Shy Hello

A Shy Hello from a little emperor penguin. This art got awarded Pottery Barn Kids editor’s award and was ranked as a winner in minted.com’s design challenge. It is being sold at Pottery Barn Kid’s website!! This is one of my many paintings of baby animals. I feel happy when I paint baby animals with…

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It’s a New Day

When you open your eyes in the mornings, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I, sometimes, feel refreshed and am glad to be able to live another day. Oftentimes, however, I wake up thinking ‘Oh is it another day to struggle again?’, ‘I’m late!’, ‘I wish I could sleep a little…

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Moving Strokes Landscape series

Midday Hills & Walk Along the Shores     Peaceful landscape of hills filled with midday sunlights. Broken brush strokes are used to emulate dazzling midday sunlight. This is the first piece created in my Moving Strokes Landscape series and inspired the rest of the collection.     There is a walking trail in my…

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